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Dressing for the Camera: The Best and Worst Colors to Wear

Choosing the best outfit for a professional photo shoot is more complicated than just grabbing your favorite getup from your closet. Clothes that look great on you in-person can actually end up being very unflattering in front of the camera!

Ultimately, you should dress in something that makes you feel confident and reflects your personality. There are, however, a few guidelines of general consensus to keep in mind as you sift through your closet. Take a look at which colors photograph the best and the worst before heading to your next photo session!

The Best: Black

Black and other dark hues are always a fan favorite in the fashion world because of the dramatic and flattering look they create. Luckily, these complimentary qualities translate on camera as well! Black clothing is a powerful way to create a striking contrast with the background and make your most attractive features stand out. Not to mention, the color is known for its slimming effects!

The Worst: Bright Colors

Vivid colors are great for adding some zest to your everyday wardrobe, but they’re not your best option when it comes to being photo-ready. Bright and bold colors will wash you out on camera and make your skin look sallow. They divert the eye from where it’s supposed to land—your beautiful face!

The Best: Jewel Tones

Saturated jewel tones, like ruby red or emerald green, are ideal for shirts and dresses you wear to your professional photo shoot because they highlight your best features! They compliment almost every skin tone and make a statement without taking over the entire photo.

The Worst: Pastels

Unlike their jewel tone counterparts, pastels usually fall flat in front of the camera. Their subtle, delicate charm doesn’t translate well to film and ends up being muted by backdrops and the flash. Pastel tones will also make you look gray and bleak—not the impression you’re looking to give with a professional portrait.

The Best: Solid Colors

Building your outfit on one, solid shade is an effective way to bring the focus of the camera to your face! Monotone colors are a good choice not only because they’re flattering, but because they’re timeless as well. You can look back on your photos in a few years without cringing at a dated outfit selection!

The Worst: Patterns

If solid colors photograph best on camera, it’s safe to assume that patterns should be avoided. Loud patterns, like bright colors, are distracting and make a photo look too busy. You’ll also end up appearing wider and losing your face to the ostentatious design.

One of the perks of hiring a professional photographer, is that they’ll be able to guide you in your outfit choices and guarantee every photograph showcases the best possible version of you! At Stephoto LLC, we believe in capturing life as it happens and making the most out of every session. Contact us today to learn more about the expert services we offer for weddings, family portraits, high school senior photography, and more!