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Finding Inspiration for Your Engagement Photo Props

An engagement photo session is a beautiful way for a couple to celebrate a new milestone! Your pictures should be about you and your partner as individuals and the unique love that you share together. Incorporating props into your engagement pictures is an excellent way to make them creative and personal—a reflection of who you are as a couple. Props will infuse your photos with personality, originality, and visual interest.

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to customizing your engagement photo shoot, try to draw some inspiration from a few of these ideas!

Think about your hobbies.

Including elements of your individual and shared hobbies and interests is a great place to start when choosing accessories for your engagement session. You can focus on the things that you love and do together or highlight the beauty of two distinctive personalities joining together!

Do you guys ride bikes together? Bring them to the shoot or borrow a tandem bike to signify your impending union. Are indie concerts your thing? Dress in your favorite concert gear to show off the things you have in common. Maybe you love to read, and your partner is a movie buff—incorporate styles, quotes, and other elements from each of your favorites.

Recall your own love story.

Committing to one another with an engagement conveys how strong the love between you and your significant other has grown. Honor the moments and shared life that has brought you to this point as you plan your photo session.

Use customized signs, banners, and other accessories to commemorate important dates or milestones in your relationship. Did your fiancé first tell you he loved you with a note in a bouquet of roses? Hold one and show off your ring! Did you adopt a dog together? Give him a sign to tell everyone his humans are getting married!

Embrace the season.

Align the theme of your engagement photos with the time of year by incorporating different features of the season! Set up a picnic scene at your favorite park in spring, or head to your favorite ice cream shop to get a picture of you sharing a cone in summer.

Embellish your photos with natural elements that represent the season you’ll always remember as the one you got engaged. Lay together in a bed of sunflowers or a vibrant pile of red and orange leaves. Or, buy a pair of cozy fingerless mittens to show off your rock in the bright white snow! Get creative and take inspiration from the beauty of what you see around you to celebrate this new adventure.

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