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How to Dress for a Business Head Shot

An updated head shot is important for communicating your personality and professional reputation to potential employers and employees alike. It’s your chance to put a face to all of those accomplishments on your resume and connect with other working professionals in the business world.

The focus of the photo will, of course, be your face. But what you wear will play a role in the kind of the tone you want to establish to represent you and your business. Check out our guide on the basics of choosing an outfit for your professional head shot photoshoot, to guarantee you show up looking accomplished and successful!

What style of clothing should you wear for a head shot?

First and foremost, make sure to choose something that matches your personal style and unique personality. Your head shot should embody who you are as a working professional, not what any generic business man or woman is supposed to look like.

For Women

Go with a neckline that will lay nicely and avoids dipping too low—crewnecks, boatnecks, and narrow V-necks are all ideal options. While you don’t want to wear something so tight it looks unprofessional, a shirt that hugs you a little is preferable to a baggy one that obviously doesn’t fit right.

To maintain a neat and polished look, you’ll want to avoid short sleeves, sleeveless tops, and pairing a collared shirt with a jacket too.  

For Men

While a collar is always a good option for men when it comes to head shots, try to stay away from button-down collars, as they don’t usually lay well and end up looking awkward.

You don’t have to wear a coat and tie, but if you want to, the rule is that if you wear a suit coat you must wear a tie—so you don’t appear to be dressing down for a professional photo. If you choose not to wear a tie, go with a sport coat instead.

What colors look best for a head shot?

A lot of people’s go-to colors for professional ensembles are black and white. Normally this is fine, but when you go for your head shot you need to add at least a splash of color to prevent your clothing from messing with the exposure—and to make your photos pop!

For Women

Choose colors that bring out your eyes and go well with your skin tone. Fleshy colors like nudes and beiges will blend in with your face and wash you out. Jewel tones typically look good on everyone, and they make you stand out and will complement your coloring.

Also take care to avoid patterns and prints that can distract from your stunning face and professional demeanor!

For Men

Gentlemen, you may be tempted to throw on your all-black sport or suit coat to look suave and professional, but without any texture your head shot will just look bland. Only go with all black if the coat has obvious texture that will translate in a photograph.

Charcoal grey is an excellent option, and a solid colored shirt that pairs well with the shade of your jacket will make for some really striking photos. Also be sure to pick an interesting tie to express your personality and add some excitement to your head shot!

Once you decide on the perfect outfit, schedule your head shot session with Stephoto LLC. We’ll carefully capture you in a way that projects your success and potential out into the business world!