Family Portrait Photography in Amelia Island, FL

Preparing for Your Family Photo Shoot

So, you decided to schedule a professional family portrait session. You researched the best photographers in the area, pinned down a time the whole family could meet, and made your appointment weeks ago. The date is finally just around the corner—now what?

Showing up to your session prepared, organized, and ready to go is the key to an amazing photo shoot. Use these tips from an expert to get your clan in gear and set yourselves up for a successful family portrait session!

Come up with a few ideas ahead of time.

Spend some time brainstorming with your family in the days leading up to the shoot to get an idea of how you want to portray yourselves. Do you want to stick to traditional poses? Do something a little more casual or unique? Be sure to stay realistic and true to who you are as a family. Select one or two locations to shoot and consider bringing a few props or activities you like to do as a family!

Give yourselves plenty of time to get ready.

If you’re rushed and disheveled the morning of your portrait session, it’ll set the tone for the entire shoot. Show up to your photos dressed and with hair and makeup done. An extra outfit or two is a good idea too! When you look your best, you feel your best—and that translates on camera.

Coordinate outfits, but not too much.

A family photo shoot doesn’t mean you have to run to the store and buy matching white button downs. In fact, it’ll look better if you don’t match perfectly! Plan your outfits so that they complement one another. Choose patterns, colors, and styles that work well together. This will keep you looking cohesive, but distinctive.

Remember to have fun!

One of the biggest reasons to schedule a family portrait is to make memories and experience something unique together. The best pictures happen when you’re simply enjoying being a family! Stay relaxed and act natural so your photographer has a chance to capture moments that authentically reflect the bond your family shares.

When you decide to capture your family on film, you need a passionate and experienced photographer to tell your story. Here at Stephoto, we’re based in Amelia Island and Jacksonville, Florida, but we’ll go anywhere with you to get the perfect shot. Take a look at the amazing family photography we create here, then give us a call to experience it for yourself!