Professional Senior Portraits in Florida

What to Bring to Your Senior Portrait Session

With the current school year coming to an end there comes a whole new batch of high school seniors this fall! Senior year is an incredibly exciting time, and also very busy. There are a lot of things to do to prepare for your final year and life after graduation—college applications, arrangements for prom, choose an outfit for the ceremony, and take an awesome senior photo.

A senior portrait session with a professional photographer is the best way to celebrate your achievements and honor all of the hard work you’ve put into your education and future over the past twelve years. Once you’ve scheduled your shoot, be sure to read over this list of what to bring to end up with senior photos you’ll love and cherish for a lifetime!

Clothing Options

A professional senior photo session isn’t the quick point and click you get from the photographer your school hires for three days over the summer. One of the benefits of a professional shoot is that the time and focus is spent all on you! Come prepared with a couple of outfits to have some fun with so you have versatile pictures that showcase your personality and range of style.

Play around with colors and styles but keep it simple. Stick to solid hues and natural, subtle outfit choices to keep the focus on your gorgeous features.

Bring clothing suitable for both indoor and outdoor sets, and both casual and formal options as well. Men should bring a plain white dress shirt to go with a tux to meet yearbook photo requirements. Women should have a strapless bra or one with easily maneuvered straps to adjust to the strapless “gown” look that is standard for most schools.

Fun and Functional Accessories

Pack a small bag with some basic photoshoot accessories—a small mirror, a brush or comb, and maybe some hairspray or gel. These will come in handy for both boys and girls trying to look their best for the duration of the session.

Bring some fun and personal accessories to show off your style and accentuate your outfit. Throw on a fun headband with one of your shirts or have a scrunchie to tie your hair back for a more formal, polished look.

Bring makeup and makeup wipes for touchups, and a necklace or earrings that are sentimental to you or just really bring out your eyes!

Custom Props

Like we said before, your senior pictures are all about who you are and what you’ve accomplished! Bring some props to your photoshoot that express your personality or showcase your hobbies and interests. Props are a great way to memorialize who you were in high school and what was meaningful to you during this time in your life.

If you’re a musician, bring your instrument and play a few bars to help you relax for your photos. Are you an athlete? Grab your soccer ball or football jersey to celebrate years of dedication and talent! If you’re an artist, pose with one of your pieces or bring some supplies to get a few candid shots of you in your element. You can even bring your cap and gown if you have it!

Adding personal, meaningful props to your senior portraits is a great way to bring out your natural self and make you feel confident with your sets and poses. This is your time to let go and have fun!

Don’t miss out on an exciting, empowering, and commemorative senior portrait session. Contact Stephanie at Stephoto LLC today to guarantee senior photos that make you look and feel amazing!