Senior Portrait Photographer in Amelia Island, FL

When is the Best Time of Year to Schedule Your Senior Portraits?

Did you know that senior portrait season usually starts in early spring of your junior year? Especially in areas with mild winters (like here in Florida), many juniors are already narrowing down their outfit choices and choosing which props they want to incorporate in their upcoming session!

When it comes to the ideal timeline for your senior photoshoot, sooner is always better than later. To help you get the best results, consider the following factors when scheduling your portraits!

Consider the season.

Think about how you’d like to incorporate seasonal elements into your senior pictures. Do you have a specific backdrop in mind? Do you play a fall sport? You might look a little out of place wearing your football jersey on the beach. Every season has its advantages though—the cool, comfortable weather of spring, the free time students get with summer, and the stunning backdrops of fall foliage.

Consider your style.

Different personal styles fit better with different times of year. If half your closet consists of floral dresses, you might want to schedule something during the spring bloom. If you prefer cozy, casual sweaters and scarves, your portraits might be better suited to the beginning of your school year. Consider which settings feel most like you and go from there!

Consider your deadline.

Most schools require senior portraits to be submitted for the yearbook sometime in the late fall or early winter. Make sure you’re aware of—and give yourself enough time to meet—this deadline. Don’t forget to factor in your own schedule (studying for the SATs all of September?), your photographer’s schedule, and time for the processing and editing of your pictures.

For dynamic senior portraits that capture everything you want to remember about this special chapter in your life, schedule your session at Stephoto LLC! Our approach skillfully uses the elements of fine photography to bring your vision to life through the eye of a professional.

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